The starting-point to create the spectacle Cachorro Morto was the relation among mathematics and other forms of behavior and cognition. The founder spectacle of Companhia Hiato was Cachorro Morto that goes through an autist expert mathematics thoughts who does not know anything about people. Multiplying the protagonist by actors' body the scene creates a multiple narration that investigates our tireless knowledge compulsion. As if we were in protagonist's mind, fragmented in five version, we are taken to follow the actor's metamorphosis by a simple staging that present us an "impossible construction world, infinite exploration, patterns, and mathematical formula".

Cast & creative team

Freely inspired by Daniel Tammet's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time", "Nascido num Dia Azul" and Marcus du Sautoy's "A Música dos Números Primos (Prime Numbers Song)".

Director and Dramatist:
Leonardo Moreira

Aline Filócomo
Luciana Paes
Mariah Amélia Farah
Thiago Amaral
Joaquim Lino

Alternating Actress:
Fernanda Stefanski

Set Designer:
Leonardo Moreira

Lighting Designer:
Marisa Bentivegna

Costume Designer:
Willy (by William Moreira)

Music /Animation:
Gustavo Borrmann

Nominations and Awards

FEMSA 2010:
Pre-nomination to Outstanding Youth Play
Pre-nomination to Outstanding Set Design

Special Panel Award by Acting Conjunct
Revelation Award: direction
Outstanding Original Text Award
Outstanding Play Award
Nomination to Outstanding Scenography: Leonardo Moreira


" An adorable surprise in the season. Creative and without fussiness, the staging alternates five actors on protagonist's role, highlighting Luciana Paes, and treat a delicate theme intelligently and largely".

"It is not only a drama about a special person and his social difficulties. The play written and directed by Leonardo Moreira constructs a clever game to involve the spectator in a story that also tends to suspense and comedy. With a five actor alternation as protagonist – a person with Asperger Syndrome, disturb which symptoms are like autism ones, the audience faces the challenge of creating the own character image. The effect multiplies the character intrigued with the neighbor's dog murder. Playing detective, he remounts his life puzzle and changes his future. The spectacle in SESC Avenida Paulista injects largeness and intelligence in a delicate theme. It shows also the young cast new blood strength at instigating the audience time".

Veja São Paulo Recomenda Magazine – 09/07/2008

"Leonardo Moreira has been interested in bringing the autism universe to scene and absolutely did it. Somehow, even in references collage and counting on actors' active participation, he reveals a dramatist talent that promises a lot in this combination with director function. The actors in turn, reached a homogeneous pattern without which it would not be possible the constant narrative voice dynamics evolution. (…) It is not every day, as the neurologist Oliver Sacks say, a so correlative magical word among numbers, colors, morality, and time shows up".

Luiz Fernando Ramos – Folha de S. Paulo Newspaper

"'Dead Dog', the first work of a young group that attracts the viewer's attention from start to finish both by well-planned plot, an intelligent approach to autism, as the scenic language. (...) scenic result at once simple and fascinating spectacle that has the potential to please audiences of all ages and education"."Revelation: Here is a typical case wherein the technology is well used in dramaturgy. Leonardo Moreira, a director to keep an eye on, allies animation effects to the sensitive show Cachorro Morto to sink with no mercy and fussiness in a young man with Asperger Syndrome dreams, a kind of autism. All excellent cast plays the boy in a creative puzzle as well".

O Estado de São Paulo Newspaper – 21/05/2009