Actor, performer and production director, Thiago Amaral is Bachelor in Interpretation at University of São Paulo (CAC / ECA / USP). He became a professionalized as an actor in technical school Maestro Fêgo Camargo in Taubaté-SP in 2001.

EIn 2004, he participated in Project "Universities in Timor-Leste - awareness of Portuguese Language by Brazilian culture", teaching classes for children and university students in Dili, East Timor. He coordinated the first theatrical core in Dili formed by students of the National University of Timor-Leste by Instituto Camões of Portugal.

He was actor in SESI Experimental Core in 2006 where he performed the play "Caminhos" directed by Cristiane Paoli Quito (2008). In the same year, he begins Clown language training coordinated by Cristiane Paoli Quito until today.

In 2011 started studying Bollywood Dance and in 2012 creates the figure Coelho Amoral to be able to support the fiction.

He is co-founder and actor-creator of Companhia Hiato which performed the plays "Cachorro Morto," "Escuro," "O jardim" and "Ficção".

Currently he is preparing his newest play for children "Exepriência" in partnership with actor and dancer Fabrice Licursi directed by Cristiane Poli Quito and dramaturgy by Leonardo Moreira.

Degree and Education

Bachelor of Scenic Arts
Qualification in Theatrical Interpreting
School of Communication and Arts – University of São Paulo

Principal Artistic Production

"Ficção" #1 Thiago [campos] Amaral (2012)
Leonardo Moreira's direction.
Text by Thiago Amaral and Moreira Leonardo.

"O Jardim" (2011)
Text and direction by Leonardo Moreira.

"O Mistério no Expresso do Oriente" (2011)
Adapted and directed by Maristela Chelala for Agatha Christie's title.

"O Silêncio depois da Chuva" (2011)
Text by Gustavo Colombini and direction by Leonardo Moreira.
Nominated to Shell Award 2011 (Outstanding Author and Set Design).

“A Criança Mais Velha do Mundo” (2010)
Creation Core by Banda Mirim. Text by Marcelo Romagnoli and direction by Claudia Missura.

"Escuro" (2009 - 2011)
Text and direction by Leonardo Moreira.

“entrExtremos” (2010)
Performance at Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara-PI and São Paulo-SP with O coletivo Urubus direceted by Carol Pinzan. Project won Aesthetic Interactions Funarte Award.

“Quem matou Jorge?” (2009)
Acting in short movie directed by Fernando Frahia.

“Cão” (2009)
Acting in short movie directed by Iris Junges.

"Cachorro Morto" (2008 - 2011)
Text and direction by Leonardo Moreira.

“Filmefobia” (2008)
Performance in the feature-lenght movie directed by Kiko Goiffman. The movie won five awards at Brasília Festival 2008, including Outstanding Movie.

“Devorando Quixote” (2008)
Direction by Marcio Pimentel and Marcelo Dênny and screenplay by Marcos Bulhões Contemplated by SESI Project – Unpublished Productions.

“Ilha” (2008)
Acting in short movie directed by André Uesato.

“A Casa de Tijolos” (2007)
Direction and dramaturgy by Joaquim Lino.

“5PSA – O Filho” (2004 – 2007)
Direction by Cainan Baladez. Collective Creation.

“Evergreen Tarja-Preta” (2005)
Direction and creation by Ivan Andrade.

Professional Distinctions

Outstanding Collective Interpretation Award with the play Cachorro Morto – FENATA 2010 –Paraná.

Outstanding Actor and Revelation Actor Awards at Mapa Cultural Paulista with the play "Uma Vendedora de Recursos" directed by Paul Felicio and Tina Lopes.