Actress and arts educator, graduated in Scenic Arts at University of São Paulo and Theater School Célia Helena.

Co-founder of Companhia Hiato, she is actress-creator of the plays Escuro, Cachorro Morto, O jardim and Ficção.

He began his professional career in 1987 with participation in TV shows – like the series Mundo da Lua of TV Cultura channel – besides several advertising campaigns.

Since 1997, she focused his work on theater, acting with direction by Cleyde Yáconis, Alexandre Mate, Marcello Lazzaratto, Nydia Lícia, among others.

She joined the group 5PSA, from 2003 to 2007, when she received nominations to Outstanding Actress at Riocenacontemporânea Festival and University of Blumenau Festival in 2005 with the play 5PSA – O Filho.

Degree and Education

Bachelor of Scenic Arts and Arts Education
Qualification in Scenic Arts
School of Communication and Arts – University of São Paulo.

Vocational Training for Actors - Célia Helena
Theater School Célia Helena

Principal Artistic Production

"Ficção #5" Fernanda Stefanski [Bernardes] (2012)
Leonardo Moreira's direction.
Text by Fernanda Stefanski and Leonardo Moreira.

"O Jardim" (2011)
Text and direction by Leonardo Moreira.

"Escuro" (2009 - 2011)
Text and direction by Leonardo Moreira.

"Cachorro Morto" (2008 - 2011)
Text and direction by Leonardo Moreira.

“5PSA – O Filho” (2004 – 2007)
Direction by Cainan Baladez. Collective Creation.

“A Máquina de somar” (2001)
Text by Elmer Rice and directed by Alexandre Mate.

“As Troianas” (2001)
Text by Euripides and directed by Nydia Lícia.

“Quinze atores à procura de um papel” (2000)
Direction by Cleyde Yáconis. Collective creation.

“Sobretudo Beckett” (1999)
Text by Samuel Beckett and directed by Marcelo Lazaratto.

“As Belas Descobertas” (1998)
Direction by Marcelo Lazaratto. Diverse texts.

“Uma Leitura de Lorca” (1998)
Text by Federico García Lorca and directed by Renata Zhaneta.

Professional Distinctions

Nominated for Outstanding Actress at Riocenacontemporânea Festival, and 19th University of Blumenau Festival for the play "5PSA - The Son".

Nascente de Dança Award (USP) – Category Best Dance Performance in "Águas de Março" (Waters of March).

Nominated for Outstanding Actress at the XVII Amateur Theater Festival of São Paulo city – FEPAMA, in the play "Especially Beckett".